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Roll-on Bundle

Unveil a refreshing start with Bloom Hemp Essential Morning Roll-on, enveloped in the vibrant aromas of rosemary & mint, curated to energize your senses. Swipe across your wrists, temples, or areas you’d like to invigorate.

For evenings that call for relaxation, turn to Bloom Hemp Essential Evening Roll-on, graced with calming lavender fragrances that harmonize.

Bloom Hemp Essential Morning Roll-on – meant to invigorate the mind and soul with uplifting scents and a herbal blend. Infused with rosemary & mint. $20

Bloom Hemp Essential Calming Roll On – CBD, calming terpenes & lavender botanicals. $20.



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Bloom Hemp Essential Morning Roll-on
Essential Morning Blend
Bloom Hemp Essential Evening Roll-on
Essential Evening Blend

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