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Essential Evening Roll-On

Restful sleep is paramount for holistic well-being, impacting everything from physical rejuvenation to mental clarity. Embrace the tranquility offered by Bloom Hemp’s Essential Evening Roll-On, a botanical symphony crafted for natural sleep enhancement. Our tailored concoction unites the calming essences of ylang ylang, bergamot, and aromatic lavender with the richness of terpene-laden full-spectrum hemp extract.

The synergy of these elements is elevated by the dynamic terpenes in our hemp oil. Together, they lay the foundation for a peaceful night, guiding you away from restlessness towards serene, undisturbed sleep. Experience the calm you deserve with Bloom Hemp.

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Essential Evening Roll On

Pursuing restful sleep? Daily stresses can disrupt our nighttime peace. After extensive research into nature’s treasury, we’ve handpicked potent botanicals to encourage serene slumbers.

Bloom Hemp’s Essential Evening Roll-on blends skin-nurturing jojoba oil with revered essential oils. Ylang ylang and bergamot, celebrated for their calming properties and delightful aroma, pair beautifully with our French-sourced lavender – globally recognized for its enchanting fragrance that promotes relaxation. Amplifying these effects, our hemp extract engages the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, harmonizing with the botanical ensemble to support a tranquil mindset. Dive into an oasis of calm with every application.

How to use

Right before bed, apply roll on to the following areas for restful sleep: temple, wrist, chest and bottom of your feet.

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About Our Ingredients

Jojoba oil, in our opinion, is the undisputed champ of topical skin care oils. It’s a tremendous moisturizer, helps clear up rosacea and acne, and is a very effective anti-inflammatory! What makes this oil so effective is the abundance of essential nutrients and vitamins such as E and B which help repair and control future damage to the skin. For us Jojoba oil was the only option for our base in the Bloom Essential Roll Ons.

Ylang Ylang gives off a wonderful floral aroma that helps promote relaxation while also assisting in pain relief topically. This essential oil is a terrific balance for those having trouble getting to sleep and then staying asleep. However, we do have to warn you when using our Bloom Essential Evening Roll on around your significant other as Ylang Ylang is also a well known aphrodisiac.

We love, love, LOVE Bergamot. It’s one of the most pleasant aromas we have come across and it sets the mood (literally) as research shows it assists in promoting GABA which helps relieve stress. Topically it also relaxes sore muscles making it a great one two punch relaxing the mind and body, a big difference maker when wanting a good night’s sleep.

French lavender is said to be the best smelling lavender in the world. It’s properties are also world class for relaxation when used in moderation topically. Lavender is known it increase GABA when used in aromatherapy so having that scent is crucial for our Evening Essential Roll On.

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roll on essential oil

Provided temporary relief from arthritis

Erika M.

Calm tincture

Has made a huge difference in helping getting a good night's rest. Love it!!


I love the scent

This is one of the most relaxing rollons that I have ever tried!

United States United States

So relaxing!

I have been using this product for the last 2 weeks before I go to bed. I absolutely love it!!

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