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Understanding COAs

Get the full breakdown of our COA

Even if you don’t choose Bloom, you can use our certificates of analysis to help keep your favorite natural product companies accountable. Click the sliders below for a detailed breakdown on how to read a COA.

Asking questions is why we got to where we are today, and it’s part of the culture here at Bloom. So if there’s something we haven’t already answered for you in any step of our process, please feel free to ask us.


This area is designed on most COAs to let the customer know the company, the product and most important the Lot ID number. This is where you confirm your product’s lot ID with its COA.

Potency Section

In this section, you are able to see the breakdown of the different cannabinoids being tested in your product. Typically these are broken down in % of the mg strength in a g but in some cases, this can have the total mg of a desired cannabinoid in the full product. For example, this tests shows a total of 484.5 mg of CBD per unit.

Results & Analysis

The results of each COA can vary but most will show at least 4-5 major Cannabinoids.

In this test, we see results for any different cannabinoids showing two different result columns. One is for the entire product which is the column header Results in MG, the second being the “Results in mg/g” which is a typical serving size in the hemp industry.

Some tests may show heavy metals and solvents and you may see results in PPM or PPB, this is a breakdown of parts per million and parts per billion of a gram. Now you may also see LOD (Limit of Detection) & or LOQ (Limit of Quantitation) as you do see here. These are the limit markers at which the testing facility feels confident they can recognize a cannabinoid. So if a LOD or LOQ is 2.1 mg and you have 1.8 mg in your product, it may have trouble recognizing this specific compound and result in an ND (Non-Detectable). 

Certificate of Analysis Example

Other Acronyms

LOQ – Limit of Quantitation – This signifies the smallest concentration of AMH that can be measured with less than 20% coefficient of variation. In other words this is the smallest possible reading of a specific compound for the lab to say “yes it is present but very minor”.

LOD – Limit of Detection – This signifies the smallest concentration of AMH that can be measured with less than 95% coefficient of variation. This means the lab can now say with confidence this compound is present and this is how much after this specific limit.

ND & NT- Non-Detectable & Not Tested – Non-Detectable means that the compound is under even the LOQ of this lab. Not tested simply means the test was not run

PPM/PPB m– Parts per million or Parts per billion is the measurement of a compound to the millionth or billionth of a gram.

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