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Grab Your Isolate Bundles!

Grab Your Isolate Bundles!


Introducing Our Isolate Bundle – Maximum Potency for Your Creative Outlet!


People love our purified cannabinoid isolates for their high potency boost. But are you ready to take your crafting skills to the next level? Look no further!
We are thrilled to introduce our DIY Isolate Bundle, designed to meet your high potency needs deliciously!


This bundle is perfect for the kitchen. Blend them all into a 3000mg infused butter to use anytime. Add therapeutic benefits to every meal!

  • Take an oral amount sublingually using the provided spoon for a concentrated daily dose of about 40-80mgs.
  • Add a spoonful of your to smoothies for desired effects anytime.
  • Add all 3 in full to a butter recipe and use all month long in recipes.
  • Bundle the Isolates to unlock a new world of creativity and balance.


What sets our DIY Isolate Bundle apart is the flexibility it offers. Experiment, innovate, and create unique products that suit your preferences. The sky’s the limit! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to always feel your best.


Bundled Savings of 15% = All 3 for $77!

  • CBD Isolate – $20. 1000 mgs of 98% pure CBD.
  • CBG Isolate – $30. 1000 mgs of 96% pure CBG.
  • CBN Isolate – $40. 1000 mgs of 95% pure CBN.


CBD Isolate


CBG Isolate


CBN Isolate


In health,
Bloom Hemp
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