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Happy July & Our Freedom to Focus Month!

Many individuals have expressed the opinion that there is a notable lack of research in the field of cannabis therapeutics, and we are inclined to concur with this sentiment. Hence, this Spring, we took the initiative to collaborate with the MoreBetter Releaf App to embark on an at-home study. This study involved the utilization of our Bloom Hemp Advanced Focus Tincture over a span of 30 days. Participants were requested to record their levels of focus, concentration, and energy using scientifically validated study questionnaires. The study protocol involved a preliminary period of 7 days where participants refrained from using the Bloom Hemp Advanced Focus Tincture, followed by a subsequent phase of 21 days during which the product was incorporated into their daily routine.

The Bloom Hemp Advanced Focus Tincture study showcased significant improvements in energy levels, focus, stress management, and overall mood. These findings were reinforced by a reported 2.2-hour daily productivity boost and a 41% increase in task concentration, enhancing both effectiveness and efficiency at work for the participants.

There are millions of Americans facing energy slumps and productivity challenges, and we aim to offer solutions. We aspire to inject more balanced energy and productivity into your daily life, empowering you to live your fullest every day.

Bloom Hemp Advanced Focus Tincture is a 6:1:1 CBD (1200), CBG (200), THCV (200) blend. It is non-impairing, USDA Organic, full spectrum, and our #1 product for balanced energy, improved cognition, reduced appetite, and enhanced metabolic function. Everyone should have the freedom to focus on what’s important to them!

We consider ourselves all citizen scientists to some extent. This month, we are excited to present the findings of a Real World Evidence Study conducted in partnership with The Cannigma on our Bloom Hemp Advanced Focus Tincture. Here are the key highlights from the study:

  • 2+ hours of greater productivity were reported which is a 52% improvement. Participants stated that they were more likely to feel and be productive when taking the Bloom Hemp Advanced Focus Tincture.
  • 41% of participants reported improvement on task focusing while using the Bloom Hemp Advanced Focus Tincture.
  • 72% of participants felt less stress while using the Bloom Hemp Advanced Focus Tincture which translated to improved quality of life scores.
  • 70% of participants reported better overall mood on the days that they used the Bloom Hemp Advanced Focus Tincture which translated to greater happiness scores on the WHO-5 QOL scale.
  • 78% of the participants felt that the Bloom Hemp Advanced Focus Tincture met or exceeded their expectations for a CBD product.
  • 74% of the participants will recommend and continue to use the Bloom Hemp Advanced Focus Tincture.


Delighted by these findings, we’re eager to share them nationwide! For the full study results, click here to access the complete report. To explore whether our Advanced Focus Tincture or any products from our collection suit your needs, contact our Nurse Line at 970-404-HOPE (4673) for a chat!

To express our gratitude and enthusiasm for our study findings, we are delighted to offer you a 20% discount on your purchase using Coupon Code FOCUS20 for the Bloom Hemp Advanced Focus Tincture (as well as all other items in your cart). This special promotion is valid from July 1, 2024, to July 31, 2024.



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NEWS Alert The Green Nurse Podcast was syndicated on Red Coral Universe broadening our educational reach to millions around the world.


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The Green Nurse Podcast started its 7th Season of streaming and sharing compelling stories of healing and clinical conversations on the safe use of cannabis as medicine.

  • Wednesday July 10th – 12pm PST. Clinical Conversations with Nurse Sherri & Elisabeth on Therapeutic Use of Cannabis – Historical Reflections and Real World Evidence Presentation.
  • Wednesday July 31st – 5pm PST. The Green Nurse Podcast with Alice Stone and her son Eli Stoloff co-founders of Soft Landing the Reverse Edible that helps you to control psychoactivity of THC consumption. They were written about in a CBS article.



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