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Bloom Hemp Sleep Gummies


CBD (cannabidiol) Sleep Gummies have gained popularity for their potential health benefits and unique combination of 25 mgs of CBD and sleep promoting ingredients. Here are some potential benefits associated with CBD Sleep Gummies:


Top 7 Tips on Why a Sleep Gummy May be Right for You:

  • Promotion of Relaxation: CBD is known for its calming and relaxing properties. Bloom Hemp Sleep Gummies contain CBD, which may ease tension and promote a sense of calm, helping you relax enough to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Support for Sleep Quality: CBD may have a positive impact on sleep patterns, improving the overall quality of sleep. Some users report experiencing deeper and more restful sleep after incorporating CBD into their nighttime routine.
  • Anxiety and Stress Reduction: CBD has been studied for its potential to reduce anxiety and stress. By addressing these factors, Bloom Hemp Sleep Gummies may contribute to a more relaxed state of mind, making it easier for individuals to fall asleep.
  • Non-Psychoactive Nature: CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, meaning it does not produce the “high” associated with THC. Bloom Hemp Sleep Gummies offer the potential benefits of CBD without causing any impairment.
  • Natural Ingredients: Many CBD sleep gummies, including those from reputable brands like Bloom Hemp, are formulated with natural ingredients that are known for their calming effects. This can include botanical extracts like passionflower, l-theanine and melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles.
  • Regulation of Circadian Rhythms: CBD may influence the body’s internal clock, helping to regulate circadian rhythms and improve the consistency of sleep-wake cycles. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with irregular sleep patterns.
  • Potential Relief from Discomfort: CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may offer relief from discomfort or pain that could otherwise disrupt sleep. By addressing discomfort, Bloom Hemp Sleep Gummies may contribute to a more comfortable and uninterrupted sleep experience.




Bloom Sleep Gummies – Handcrafted CBD Gummies

● CBD Isolate – 25mg  (THC FREE)

● L-Theanine – 50mg
L-Theanine is a critical amino acid that modulates neurotransmitters like GABA, Dopamine, and Serotonin promoting the relaxation response.

● Passionflower – 10mg
Passion flower promotes a natural calm by modulating GABA, helping you to fall asleep faster and helping you stay asleep throughout the night.

● Melatonin – 3mg
Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps maintain our body’s circadian rhythm and provides the building blocks for healthy sleep habits.

It’s important to note that individual responses to CBD may vary, and it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating CBD products, including CBD Sleep Gummies, into your routine, especially if you have any existing health conditions or are taking medication.


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