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Happy 420!

The Historical Mosaic of 420: Unveiling the Origins of a Cultural Phenomenon

In the modern lexicon, ‘420’ evokes images of hazy pot culture and is celebrated as a countercultural holiday. This blog post aims to clear the air and provide a deep look into the true story of 420 and its understated beginnings. For many, it originated from the police code for marijuana violations. Today, we elaborate on 420 for the canna-curious and history buffs, painting the fascinating narrative of how an obscure code turned into a globally recognized cannabis community symbol.


The Waldos’ Expedition

The most concrete origin story points to a group of teens from San Rafael, California, the ‘Waldos.’ In the early 1970s, they claim to have coined the term as a code to meet at the Louis Pasteur statue at their high school at 4:20. The Waldos emphasized that it was simply a convenient time to meet up and share stories of their day with peers while enjoying a cannabis joint.


San Rafael’s Contribution to Cannabis Culture

San Rafael is a quiet suburban enclave that unwittingly birthed a cultural phenomenon. The local landscape and socio-political climate of the 1970s played a pivotal role in the emergence of 420 as a cultural signal. The portrait of San Rafael and its counter cultural evolution incentivized the Grateful Dead’s numerous tours to propagate the term, distributing flyers for a “420 Day” on tour dates.


The Role of Cannabis Magazines and Media

Cannabis-themed publications of the late ’80s and early ’90s played a significant role in popularizing 420. High Times and other similar marijuana publications actively integrated the term into their content and created a mythos around its origins. In doing so, 420 transitioned from local lore to national stoner slang.
The 1990s saw the explosion of grunge and hip-hop, which further disseminated 420 through music and pop culture. Artists from multiple genres referenced 420 in lyrics and incorporated it into their persona, solidifying its place in popular culture.


420 in the Tightening Grasp of Commercial Interests

With every April 20th, marketing campaigns from major brands, both cannabis-related and not, flood the market with 420-themed products and promotions. The fervor to capitalize on the day has led to an abundance of products, making it a consumer extravaganza, much to the chagrin of some purists in the cannabis community.


The Rebirth of 420 as a Day of Activism

Despite its commercialization, many in the cannabis community strive to hold on to 420 as a day of activism and political expression. Ceremonies and protests on April 20th seek to remind participants of the fight for cannabis rights and to honor the tradition’s deeper roots. To us, 420 symbolizes the opportunity to teach others how to naturally nurture their endocannabinoid system safely back to health.


The Intersection of 420 and Mainstream Society

The influence of 420 on these diverging paths — one leading towards mainstream acceptance and commercialization, the other anchored in countercultural roots — is a testament to its ambiguous identity. The term has become a marker of inclusion and identity within the cannabis communities, bringing people together through a shared association with the plant. This year is especially poignant for cannabis reform as the Federal government teeters on legalization in some way.


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In health and with love,
Elisabeth & Sherri Mack and the Bloom Hemp Team




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