Why Hemp Oil Extract Is Better Than CBD

Team Bloom 24 Sep 2020 5 MIN READ

Hemp Oil Extract

With the hemp plant revolution in full effect, all of us are undoubtedly more aware of the natural benefits that these plants provide than ever before. However, just because a topic is less taboo doesn’t mean that most of the information on the subject is accurate. Hemp extract is still relatively new, and as always, more research is still required, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sort out some of the facts from fiction. When it comes down to what to know about hemp oil extract, there are plenty of misconceptions, but let’s begin with a few facts. 

Hemp Oil Extract
Natural hemp oil extract helps you do what you do – better.

What is Hemp Oil Extract?

Hemp oil extract is a concentrated extract containing all of the hemp plant’s beneficial compounds. 

This plant matter is rich with terpenes, flavonoids, and so many more cannabinoids beyond CBD. The majority of these beneficial compounds are lost as hemp oil extract is often further distilled or purified to achieve various concentrations and isolate individual cannabinoids. However, full spectrum hemp oil extract, as the name suggests, encompasses the plant as a whole. This includes all of the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that our bodies thrive with. 

The most important thing when it comes to what to know about hemp oil extract is that it is NOT hemp seed extract, but we’ll get more into that below. 

Hemp Oil Extract Benefits

All of the compounds found in hemp plant matter play a unique role in our endocannabinoid system (ECS) and help our bodies function optimally. While CBD content is excellent, studies suggest that it actually works better in conjunction with other cannabinoids and terpenes. This idea is better described as the entourage effect. The entourage effect is one of the primary benefits of using hemp oil extract.   

hemp oil extract benefits

Hemp oil extract has similar benefits to CBD oil, but because the entire plant is included, the benefits are enhanced, and the scope of the effects is widened. While CBD product varieties continue to gain traction as a potent anti-inflammatory, studies suggest that CBG likely has more impact on anxiety than cannabidiol. Full spectrum hemp oil extract contains lesser-known cannabinoids such as CBG, which give it the ability to support those struggling with some of the different ailments that life throws our way.  

More benefits of hemp oil extract continue to be discovered as researchers learn more about how minor cannabinoids and terpenes work together. Unfortunately, these benefits continue to be overshadowed by some of the misconceptions surrounding hemp oil extract and the extraction process. Let’s break down exactly what to know about hemp oil extract and how it is different from what many have been led to believe.

What to Know About Hemp Oil Extract vs CBD Oil 

The biggest misconception surrounding hemp oil extract is that CBD oil contains MORE of anything. This confusion stems from the labeling of hemp seed oil, but it is entirely unfounded. CBD oil is a term that is thrown around loosely; however, it best describes a further extraction of full spectrum hemp oil extract resulting in a broad spectrum or CBD-only extract.

While CBD oil and broad spectrum extracts are beneficial, they definitely have less of hemp oil extract’s healthy components. Without the full spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, CBD oil and broad spectrum extracts can’t produce the entourage effect. 

Hemp leaf is good for you, and hemp oil extract provides you with more than just CBD content. Unless you have a reason for avoiding full spectrum hemp oil extract, CBD oil lacks what so many users seek – an effective holistic experience. 

What to Know About Hemp Oil Extract vs Hemp Seed Oil 

Years after the passing of the farm bill, hemp seed extract, and hemp seed oil continues to be the source of confusion for people across the globe. Some brands undoubtedly use misleading labels to grab sales, and in most cases, the lack of education around hemp extract is to blame here, but we’ll clear up any confusion ASAP.

  • Hemp oil extract is often confused with hemp seed oil or hemp seed extract
  • Hemp seed extracts and oils are utilized for cooking and as carrier oils, but they do not contain ANY cannabinoids.
  • Hemp oil extract is the extract from the plant’s flowers and buds which are rich in cannabinoids including CBD product!

From Seed to CBD: Why Hemp Oil Extract is Better

Considering everything that we covered with what to know about hemp oil extract, there is one thing that should stand out above all else: hemp oil extract is better than CBD

As great as CBD is, one cannabinoid simply doesn’t stack up against the entire plant. Hemp oil extract goes beyond CBD and provides you with all of the goodness that hemp leaf has to offer.

How to Use Hemp Oil Extract

Like many of the CBD oils you’ve seen before, the best way to use hemp oil extract is with a tincture. Hemp oil extract tinctures provide an easy and reliable method of dosing your CBD, and because you are taking it sublingually, it will kick in faster too! 

hemp oil extract use
One of the main benefits of hemp oil extract is that it helps you do what you do – better.

What to Know About Hemp Oil Extract From Seed to Sale

Not all hemp oil extract is the same. As good as hemp can be for you, the way the plants are grown, harvested, and extracted make all of the difference. Hemp is a natural bio-accumulator, which means that it absorbs whatever is in the soil. So, unless your hemp oil extract comes from USDA certified organic hemp, there is cause for concern regarding the extraction process. 

Quality hemp oil extract begins in the dirt and ends in a lab. While it is critical to utilize certified organic methods throughout the farming process, this level of care and precision must be maintained in the lab. Once hemp is harvested is must be extracted utilizing the cleanest methods available and lab-tested to ensure that the hemp oil extract is organic and cannabinoid-rich. 

Although many brands claim to sell “organic hemp oil,” few actually have their USDA organic certification. At Bloom, we take the guesswork out of the equation by sourcing all of our hemp from our farm here in Colorado. Our farm is certified USDA organic and less than an hour from our extraction facility, where we manage the rest of the process. The result is hemp oil extracts, CBD oils, and isolates that set the standard for how hemp products should be produced. 

So, if you’re looking for hemp oil extract that you can count on, Bloom Hemp is your one stop shop.

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