Why are Sprouted Foods Better? 11 Reasons to Start Eating Sprouted Hemp Seeds NOW!

Team Bloom 28 Sep 2020 5 MIN READ

The Sprouted Difference – Why Sprouted Hemp Seeds are the Future of Nutrition

From Seed to Sprout it doesn’t get any better than the hemp plant. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that sprouted hemp seeds are loaded with more nutritional value than other sprouted foods. Although sprouted grains and sprouted greens are well-known, sprouted seeds continue to go mostly ignored. However, when it comes to sprouted hemp seeds, the science is in and the results are clear – we all need to eat more hemp food products. 

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Sprouted Hemp Seeds
The benefits of sprouted hemp seeds are truly remarkable. Sprouted Hemp Seeds are the only plant-based source for complete proteins.

What are Sprouted Foods?

Sprouted foods are edible seeds that have started to sprout. These plants are more nutrient-rich and bioavailable as sprouts, which means you get more of the good stuff in every bite. Sprouted foods vary in form from seeds to powders and everything in between. Sprouted grains may be rolled into tortillas and wraps and sprouted greens can be bought by the pack. 

Seeds, grains, and nuts all have a protective layer that allows them to survive in nature. Once settled, the seedling naturally loses its protective layer and begins sprouting. Harvesting seeds right as they begin to sprout allows us to enjoy all of its benefits without our stomach battling with the shell of the seed and its enzymes. 

The main factor which allows nutrients to be more absorbable (bioavailable) for your body is that they have yet to develop a protective enzyme.  This enzyme blocks some of the nutrients from being absorbed by your body and they ultimately go to waste. This lack of enzymes is why sprouted foods and sprouted seeds in particular are so naturally nourishing. 

You can boil it down to this; sprouted seeds are naturally easier to digest. With all of the extra enzymes and protective layers it is much harder for our bodies to break down seeds that have yet to sprout. 

Benefits of Sprouted Hemp Seeds Infographic
The benefits of sprouting and benefits of sprouted hemp seeds are cornerstones of every healthy diet.

Sprouted Seed Benefits:

This list highlights the most important sprouted seed benefits

·       Sprouted Seeds make Nutrients more bioavailable (absorbable)

·       Sprouted Seeds increase the amount of available protein

·       Sprouted Seeds may aid digestion

·       Sprouted Seeds help break down gluten

·       Sprouted Seeds support the absorption of anti-oxidants and helpful enzymes

·       Sprouted seeds increase our fiber uptake.

This list is enough to get anyone excited about sprouted seed benefits but there is even more to add! Researchers continue to uncover more information all of the time, so the list of sprouted seed benefits is sure to grow! One of the most exciting potential benefits of sprouted hemp seeds and other seed to sprout products is that they may support gut health and work to reduce acidity. 

Which Foods can be sprouted?

Sprouted grains and bean sprouts are currently the most common sprouted foods available, but various seeds can be sprouted too! People often ask which foods can be sprouted? Today, the correct answer is which foods can’t? If it comes from a seed the sprouting process takes place organically. Instead of wondering which foods can be sprouted, you should focus on which sprouted foods have the most benefits. 

A few common sprouted seed types are: 

·       Sprouted Hemp Seeds

·       Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

·       Mung Bean Seeds

·       Lima Bean Seeds

·       Broccoli Seeds

·       Sprouted Quinoa

Facts Only: Why Hemp is Good for You

Sprouted Hemp Seeds vs EVERYTHING

Hemp is a superfood, so it should comes as no surprise that sprouted hemp seeds and sprouted hemp hearts are one of the most nutrient-dense types of sprouted foods available. Sprouted hemp hearts contain more protein and a higher concentration of essential omega 3 fatty acids than sprouted quinoa. Hemp seeds are packed with nutritional value, and sprouted hemp seeds make it possible of us to enjoy ALL of their benefits. Hemp is good for you, from seed to CBD this plant does more than we can possibly imagine. 

Due to the stigma around the hemp plant, these amazing seeds are often overlooked in favor of sprouted quinoa and sprouted pumpkin seeds. But, from seed to sprout, neither sprouted quinoa or sprouted pumpkin seeds match the nutritional value of sprouted hemp seed or sprouted hemp heart. At the end of the day, hemp is good for you, and there really isn’t a debate about it. 

Sprouted Hemp Seeds
The Benefits of Sprouted Hemp Seeds are truly incredible.

11 Reasons to EAT MORE HEMP

  1. Hemp is Protein-Rich
  2. Only Natural Source For Complete Protein
  3. Hemp is a Great source of Magnesium
  4. Rich in Omega Essential Fatty Acids
  5. Supports a Healthy Heart
  6. May Act as an Immune Booster
  7. Loaded with More Nutrients than Sprouted Quinoa
  8. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals
  9. Fiber-Rich
  10. Gut Health Support
  11. Potential Cognitive Protector

Hemp Butter: The Beginning of the Sprouted Hemp Seeds Revolution

Hemp is good for you, but it still isn’t the easiest thing to find at the store. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make raw hemp seeds and sprouted hemp seed products available to you 24/7. By providing sprouted hemp hearts and hemp butters online we are able to give everyone access to this revolutionary superfood, containing a concentrated amount of healthy fats, vitamins, fiber, and protein. 

Everyone knows that the stigma surrounding the idea of growing hemp is still there, so in an effort to normalize this food product and showcase the true potential of this plant we created hemp butter. Hemp butter is a nut-free allergy-safe alternative to traditional nut butters. Peanut Butter is problematic these days, but hemp butter is a safe alternative that provides all of the same great taste so many are robbed of due to allergies.  

Hemp Protein

The future of sprouted hemps seeds is hemp protein. Although hemp protein is already available, hemp protein from sprouted hemp seeds is something we’ve yet to see.

Discover Sprouted Hemp Seeds

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