What is Hemp Oil?

Team Bloom 02 Apr 2020 3 MIN READ

Hemp has quite an extensive history of use. For years, the fiber obtained from it has been used to make fabric and rope. In fact, historians have discovered evidence of hemp oil in regions like China and India dating as far back as 1500 BC. With more research and improved extraction processes, we are now getting to see plenty of hemp based products in the market.

In order to make hemp oil, it is extracted from the flowers, stalk and/or seeds of the hemp plant. After extraction, the oil can be concentrated further into a full-spectrum oil, which contains all of the components found inside the plant. Depending on the requirements, the oil can also be made into CBD Isolate, another popular product which is the purest form of CBD.

It should be kept in mind that the term ‘hemp oil’ used in this article refers to either hemp CBD oil or hemp oil extract. Hemp seed oil on the other hand will be referred to by its complete name.

Benefits of Hemp Oil

As mentioned earlier, hemp oil usually contains a large variety of compounds found inside the hemp plant. Unlike CBD isolate based products, the oil can create an entourage effect which is when the compounds work together to provide multiple benefits. Some of these are listed here,

Hemp Oil for Skin Health

A study conducted in 2014 discovered that hemp seed oil is rich in healthy oils and fatty acids, something which makes it an excellent option for use on skin. A review carried out later in the same year also found out that using hemp seed oil helped in strengthening the skin and allowed for better resistance against infection. It was also suggested that hemp oil may be effective in treatment against conditions such as eczema.

Improved Brain Health

The fatty acids found inside hemp seed oil may not only be good for the skin but also for the brain. A study carried out on mice discovered that some of the compounds present inside hemp seed extract was helpful against inflammation of the brain. This is also possible because of the presence of polyphenols inside the oil. More studies are being carried out to understand the full effect of hemp oil for brain health on humans.

Research on Pain Relief
review carried out in 2018 noted that CBD, which is one of the main cannabinoids present inside hemp, along with some of the other cannabinoids helped in the treatment for pain, especially one which was caused by inflammation.

Getting rid of Acne

We already talked about how hemp oil is good for the skin, but it is also useful for getting rid of the inflammation that can cause acne. A study which was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation noted that CBD found inside the hemp plant may interact with the sebum glands in people who were prone to acne outbreaks, reducing the production of sebum.

Hemp Oil Uses

Hemp oil can be consumed in a number of different ways. It all depends on the user and the desired results they wish to achieve. The quickest way is sublingually, by putting the oil under the tongue. Capsules, on the other hand, can be used for delayed or more controlled servings.

Hemp oil can also be applied topically to areas of pain or for improving skin health.

Is Hemp Oil Right for You?

Before picking out any hemp oil, it is important to understand the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp oil. Full-spectrum oil contains all of the plant compounds whereas broad-spectrum contains everything except for THC. This can be important especially for those who regularly get tested for drugs at work.

Once you know the type that you want to go with, simply look for a reputable brand that regularly tests for purity and is THC compliant. Here at Bloom Hemp, we do both to make sure that our customers are getting the best product for their money. You can check out our offerings for hemp oil tinctures.

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