What is CBD Lotion?

Team Bloom 02 Apr 2020 3 MIN READ

If you have been looking up different CBD products then you likely have come across a variety of CBD topicals. Ever since the Farm Bill of 2018 turned hemp-based CBD products legal, a number of CBD based products have popped up that are designed for health and wellness.

CBD infused topicals refer to lotions, creams, salves, balms, or patches that can be applied onto the skin for relief. CBD lotion, as the name already suggests, is a lotion based topical with CBD as a key ingredient. It can either have the pure CBD compound (CBD isolate) or a broad-spectrum oil or full spectrum oil which would contain CBD and terpenes along with other compounds found inside the hemp plant.

CBD Lotions & Creams vs CBD Salves & Balms

Just like regular creams, lotions, salves, and balms the difference between these is in the consistency and depends entirely on the preference of the consumer. Most balms and salves are thicker than lotions and they are typically used in a deep tissue treatment associated with sore or tender muscles or achy joints and tendons. Lotions and creams on the other hand may be a better option for extra dry skin or topical skin issues associated with dry, itchy, or general skin irritants.

What Are CBD Topicals Used For?

Using topicals for the skin can not only be beneficial for the surface of the skin itself but also for muscles and joints below it. CBD can penetrate both the dermal and subdermal layers and interact with the endocannabinoid system of the body. This is the system which can regulate mood, pain and a number of other sensations. CBD can do this by binding with the cells inside our skin or muscle which is why CBD infused topicals are used for relief against pain or inflammation.

what is CBD used for

How to Use CBD Lotion

Using a CBD lotion or cream is a very easy process, in fact you use it the same way as you would a regular cream or lotion. Simply identify where the skin irritation is occurring and then apply the topical on and around that area.

It is, however, important to keep in mind the amount of CBD you will be applying to your skin. This can be determined by checking the milligrams of CBD present inside the topical you wish to use. A topical with a higher concentration of CBD will end up being more effective than one which does not. It is suggested to start off with a smaller amount of the topical and then gradually increasing it until you achieve the required results.

Benefits of Using CBD Lotion

Some of the well-known benefits associated with the use of CBD topicals are reduced pain or inflammation and improvement with certain skin issues. A study which was published in 2017 and carried out on arthritic rats found out that the application of a CBD topical hemped with acute joint inflammation. Another study carried out in the same year found out that hemp based topicals showed promise in treating a number of skin conditions including psoriasis, itching and dermatitis.

Picking Out a CBD Lotion

Now that you know all about CBD lotions, you must be wondering which CBD lotion or topical should you go for? The answer to this is that you should always go for CBD products which are THC compliant and tested properly.

Here at Bloom Hemp, we make sure that this is the case with every product listed on our website. Check out our hemp CBD lotions.

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