Locally Grown USDA Organic Hemp

The 60 acres of organic farmland in Longmont, Colorado isn’t the biggest farm in the country, and we like it that way. Having a small farm allows the farmers to put extra care into everything they do! Organic farming starts with the soil and that is a year-round commitment.

If it isn’t natural, it doesn’t touch this hemp. Simple as that, so pesticides and herbicides are never used. Our USDA organic certification guarantees quality that few can prove. The farmers make sure that the soil is in pristine condition before any plants are put in the ground. In return, this allows the hemp to flourish due to the nutrient-packed soil that has been built up throughout the year.

Several traditional, sustainable farming methods are utilized, like hemp-centric crop rotation and cover cropping, to improve and build up our soil. Processes like these help the soil’s ability to absorb water and store other nutrients needed to grow healthy crops. It also requires that the soil be free from harmful contaminants and enriched to ensure plants can naturally fend off pests. This is especially vital for hemp, which is a prodigious soil remediator with a deep root system.

If it is not organic, it doesn’t touch our plants!

Finally, all equipment is tested to make sure the seeds and seedlings go in the ground with care, which is crucial to a healthy growth cycle. So much attention is put into the farm, the soil, and the cultivar genetics, and it is no different when it comes time to harvest.

When it comes time to harvest, the majority of the crop is hand-trimmed. Having a smaller, boutique farm gives us the advantage of providing more care to each plant and harvesting is no exception. Hand harvesting and drying allows for maximum outputs of each plant before they make their trip to processing. This now concludes the full cycle at the farm and is a bit of what is involved to bring the Bloom Hemp products from the farm to your home!