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The Bloom Method

The Bloom Method is a transparent, quality control process that ensures our farm, processing, and manufacturing are held to the highest standards. Our quality and reliability testing includes independent verification for every step of production. We share not only what processes we use, but also why we test for the things we do!

  1. Farming
  2. Harvesting
  3. Processing
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Customer Service
    Customer Service

The hemp in our products comes directly from the Bloom Family Farm in Colorado. No imported sludge from overseas, no lab-made synthetics, ever. We test our soil every season to make sure it’s always a healthy, organic environment for our plants.

Thanks to our commitment to artisanal farming methods, we hand trim the majority of our crop. Our boutique farm gives us the advantage of giving more care to each and every plant, including at harvest. Hand harvesting and drying allows us to maintain maximum output for each plant. Once dried, our plants are milled and prepared for extraction.

Once we complete testing of our milled hemp, it’s carefully packaged and shipped to our processing facility for extraction. We employ a certified USDA organic processing method using organic ethanol so we can give our customers the most pristine version of our hemp. This method gives us a finished hemp material that’s then meticulously packaged and shipped back to our facility to blend and bottle in our finished goods.

Our manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art and carry, ISO, GMP, and USDA organic handling licenses. We take our finished hemp material and begin to formulate our products with our other carefully selected ingredients. After formulating and packaging, our products are ready to ship to our customers all around the USA.

Once the product is in your hands, our commitment to quality assurance doesn’t end. Our customer service team is ready to answer any questions you might have, and resolve any issues you may encounter. We want you to be completely happy with Bloom products, and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure you are.

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