The 6 Best Ways to Use Hemp Tinctures in 2020

Team Bloom 10 Apr 2020 4 MIN READ

As research continues to uncover the beneficial effects of CBD and other cannabinoids found in hemp, people are looking for easier ways to introduce hemp tinctures into their daily routine. If you’ve ever googled CBD or hemp, you must have come across hemp tinctures.

Hemp tinctures aren’t just some fad, they are the beginning of a hemp revolution that is changing lives all over the world. Whether you’re feeling stressed out during uncertain these times or just looking for a healthy post-workout boost, hemp tinctures make a difference that you can feel. Before we get into the best ways to use hemp tinctures, let’s cover a few things you should know about hemp tinctures.

Three words to know before using hemp tinctures:

  1. Tincture: A tincture is traditionally a plant extract sometimes combined with a carrier or essential oil to enhance the extract and ease of use. Tinctures are a sublingual method for taking hemp/CBD oil, which means that the dropper is used orally.
  2. Hemp Oil Extract: Hemp Oil Extract is a concentrate that contains all of hemp’s beneficial compounds. Hemp oil extract’s range in type, but the broad sense of the term encompasses the most unrefined or natural version of hemp oil extracts.
  3. Carrier Oil: Carrier oils are plant-derived oils that act as a delivery system that enhances your body’s ability to absorb cannabinoids and other plant compounds.

How are Tinctures Made?

For those who are new to using hemp tinctures, it is important to understand how they are made. Here at Bloom, we use a blend of the finest USDA certified organic hemp oil extract and an organic medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) from coconuts. The MCT oil is our carrier oil. Coconut MCT oil speeds up the process and makes it easier for your body to absorb CBD and any other cannabinoids and terpenes in your hemp tincture.

Best Ways to Use Hemp Tinctures

There are quite a few creative ways of consuming your hemp tincture and we are listing a few of them here. It may take some experimenting for you to figure out which method works best for you and produces the desired results since it can vary from person to person.

Morning Coffee or Tea

Your tincture can easily be added to the morning coffee or tea that you consume daily. One thing which should be kept in mind is that you should add some creamer since it will help with better absorption of the tincture. Tinctures are an oil based product and oil and water don’t mix well. By adding creamer or, better yet, adding the tincture to the creamer and then mixing it with coffee, the results will be better since the oil in the tincture will mix better with the fat content in the creamer.


Hemp Oil Tincture Smoothie

Who doesn’t love smoothies? Take your passion for these delicious health-packed drinks to the next level by infusing your favorite smoothie with CBD! There are a million ways to use hemp tinctures, but this one is easily our favorite. Using your hemp tincture to make a CBD infused smoothie is easy, and it is sure to quickly become your favorite way to use hemp tinctures. Simply use the dropper to add the desired amount of CBD to your smoothie and stir well.

Interested in trying a CBD infused smoothie? We have a growing list of CBD recipes for smoothies that you’re going to want to bookmark. Each of these recipes is quick, easy, and really good for you too!

Easy Afternoon Snack

Feeling hungry before noon but don’t want to ruin your lunch? Simply take a small serving of guacamole or hummus and mix in the tincture. You have just made yourself a healthy mid-afternoon snack.

Morning Yogurt

Yogurt has plenty of health benefits of its own and it is always a great addition to any breakfast. So, before you go ahead and consume that greek yogurt, add in your daily serving of hemp tincture and you will be set for the day.

Bedtime Tea

Many people prefer to consume some tea before bed since it can help you relax and wind down after a long day of work. To add some CBD, simply take the dropper from your tincture, measure out the required serving and add it to the tea.


Finally, for many the idea of mixing in something with their tea or meal might not be very appealing. Instead, they would prefer to consume the tincture without any additions. In that case, you can simply do it sublingually (putting it under the tongue). This allows for the tincture to be absorbed into the bloodstream almost immediately.

As mentioned earlier, your body may react to CBD in a different way than others. For first time users, it is normally recommended that CBD tinctures should be consumed before bed times as it can produce a calming effect. If you feel that it works better for you during other times of day, then feel free to use it then.

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