Hemp Body Lotion
Bloom’s hemp lotion is one of the most soothing and moisturizing hemp topicals available. Coupled with a fantastic scent, this body lotion is packed with ingredients like hemp seed oil and aloe vera to enhance the healing properties of hemp body lotion. These natural ingredients work together to produce powerful anti-inflammatory properties and a natural antioxidant boost. Hemp body lotion is excellent for a variety of skin conditions, even for those with sensitive skin.
Using a body moisturizer is essential for skin care, especially if you live in a dry climate and are prone to skin cracking from dry skin. While there are many different types of body lotion and body cream, none of them have the healing properties of hemp extract. Whether you’re working on your skincare routine or trying to recover after a workout, hemp body lotion is the solution for you.
Heal Naturally with Hemp Products
Hemp lotion does so much more than work as a moisturizer for dead skin. CBD and other cannabinoid compounds found in hemp body lotion work together to help your skin heal below the surface, so even some of the most persistent skin conditions are no match against the power of hemp plant.
While CBD gets most of the credit, the hemp seed oil found in our lotion is responsible for the additional omega fatty acids, which enhance the anti-inflammatory properties and anti-aging effects.
Bloom Hemp offers a variety of hemp topical products, such as hemp oil rollovers, CBD balms, and CBD lotion. Find the right CBD Body lotion for you and get your skin feeling great.

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