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Bloom Hemp’s mission is to honor this ancient botanical with the care and reimagination it deserves. Our Sprouted Hemp Butters are a nutritiously superior alternative to traditional nut butters. Bloom Hemp butter is formulated utilizing a unique grinding process that merges high-quality ingredients into a delicious tasting, nutritiously dense, protein-packed butter. Enjoy the unrivaled taste of hemp butter without the risk of nut-allergens.

What is Hemp Butter?

Hemp butter, similar to nut butter, is a butter created from ground hemp seed. Hemp seed butter, or hemp butter, contains all of the nutritious awesomeness found in hemp like omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids. Unlike traditional butter, hemp butter is protein-packed and is actually good for you. The best part? Hemp butter is a nut-free alternative that actually tastes great too!
Nut-allergies preventing you from enjoying peanut butter? Hemp butter is nutritious, delicious, and all the reason you need to eat more hemp today.

Why Sprouted?

At Bloom, we utilize sprouted hemp seed in all of our hemp foods so that you get more goodness out of every bite. Sprouted hemp seed is the core ingredient of hemp butter, and using sprouted seeds makes the nutritional components of the plant easier for your body to absorb. Sprouted seeds don’t contain the protective shell that blocks some of the nutrients from entering your body. Hemp butter is superior to most nut butter because of this sprouted difference.

Eat More Hemp

Everyone’s been told to eat their vegetables, but has anyone ever told you to eat more hemp food? Hemp food products are good for you, and hemp butter is a phenomenal way to enjoy the benefits of hemp in one delicious recipe. But you don’t have to stop there! Add hemp butter to your favorite smoothie recipe to give that shake a natural protein boost, or add it to your favorite baked goods. You get the point, and whether you’re adding hemp butter as an ingredient to your favorite recipe or just enjoying it out of the jar, you’re getting more out of every bite.
We’re working to change the stigma around hemp, and we believe the best way to do that is to start in a place that we can all relate – your plate. Because if you experience the benefits of this delicious hemp seed butter first hand, you might be willing to take a second look at everything else. Hemp heals, whether you’re eating it or using it for CBD, there’s no denying that hemp makes a difference that you can feel.

Hemp Hearts

The best part of hemp is at its heart! That’s why we are proud to offer one of the most nutritious plant-based options available – hemp hearts. Hemp hearts are a cornerstone ingredient of any healthy diet. Delivering unrivaled nutrition while maintaining a sustainable approach – our hemp hearts are among the most eco-friendly sources of plant-based protein available. High in essential omega fatty acid, fiber, and protein, hemp hearts provide the building blocks for a healthy lifestyle.

What is a Hemp Heart?

Hemp hearts are hulled hemp seeds, which means the shell of the seed has been removed. Removing the shell of the hemp seed makes the nutritious components of the hemp seed more bioavailable. Hemp hearts are packed with protein, essential omega fatty acids, and beneficial minerals like magnesium; all of these nutrients are easier for your body to absorb with the shell removed. Try hemp hearts as a food ingredient replacement for chia seeds, quinoa, granola, and flax.

The Sprouted Difference

Not all hemp hearts are created equal. Sprouted food products are more nutritious, and hemp hearts are no different. That means sprouted hemp hearts provide more complete protein, more essential omega fatty acids, and more goodness in every bite.

Hemp Protein

Hemp is one of the only natural sources of complete protein available. A complete protein includes all nine essential amino acids, which is partly why raw shelled hemp seeds are so nutritious. Unlike most traditional protein sources, hemp protein is sustainable. Hemp provides an organic alternative to meat and other mass-produced proteins. When it comes to plant-based protein, hemp protein is superior compared to all of the other options.

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