CBD for Pets

Why CBD for Pets


Take care of your pet the way you take care of yourself with Poppy Willow CBD for pets. CBD is revolutionizing animal wellness, one furry member of our families at a time. With all-natural, pet-friendly, vet-formulated ingredients, Poppy Willow is for every pet owner who goes the extra mile for their furry friend. 


We all love our pets and want nothing but the best for them. That’s why it is essential to make your pet’s wellness a priority. Poppy Willow CBD for pets offers an all-natural alternative that includes everything from daily vitamins to CBD pet tincture and mobility support. 

Unlike some cannabinoids, CBD is safe for pets and offers your pet the same anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits that it provides for people. Whether your pet struggles with chronic pain, mobility issues, anxiety, or you are just looking to help them maintain natural wellness, CBD for pets is natural, safe, and even veterinarian recommended.    


Veterinarian Formulated. Loved by Pets. Approved by Pet Owners.


Poppy Willow CBD for pets is veterinarian formulated with all-natural, pet-friendly ingredients that help ensure that you and your furry friend can continue to adventure together. While most pet CBD products include people-friendly ingredients like coconut oil, Poppy Willow strictly features hemp-derived CBD and other pet-friendly ingredients like wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil for dogs. 


Not only does the wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil enhance the flavor of hemp for most dogs, but it also provides additional health and fur benefits! Rich in nutrients and vitamins, wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil for dogs provides organic digestive and anti-inflammatory support. 


Always backed by 3rd party lab-testing, pet owners can rest assured knowing that we only use broad spectrum hemp oil and that all of our pet CBD products are completely THC-free. By Vets. For Pets. Poppy Willow is the future of animal wellness.  

How CBD for Pets Works

Believe it or not, just like you, your furry friend has an endocannabinoid system that helps them maintain optimal wellness. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is found in most mammals, including cats and dogs, and is responsible for helping them (and us) maintain homeostasis. When an animal ingests CBD, its body responds to the cannabinoid the same way ours does. The endocannabinoid system uses CBD to help it regulate critical biological processes including hormone and inflammation regulation. Our pets struggle with some of the same issues that we do, including stress and chronic pain. Thanks to these natural processes, CBD doesn’t just work for pets; it can be incredibly effective.

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