• Farm

  • Processing

  • Bottling

  • Finished Good

*if you are having issues locating your COA, please email our custmer service at [email protected] with your product lot# & we will email your COA.

We test for

  • – Soil & Seed
  • – Microbial life
  • – Full cannabinoid potency
  • – Shelf stability
  • – Heavy metals
  • – Pesticides and herbicides
  • – Residual solvents
  • – & More

Finally! No compromises.

The way we think about what we put in our bodies is changing. In order to create nourishing botanicals, we knew we had to elevate the consciousness around hemp production.

In short:

We curate our testing and quality control the same way we curate our hemp.

That means we continuously review and refine our testing, searching out better methods to ensure our products are 100% worry-free.

And that means making sure there are never any synthetic additives, no harsh chemicals or residues—absolutely nothing you wouldn’t feel right giving to your loved ones.

Quality should always be amazing. Full stop.

Our quality and reliability testing includes independent verification for every step of production. We share not only what processes we use, but also why we test for the things we test for.

Top 5 Questions to ask before you buy

Transparency is vital and should be with every company you work with, that is why we have created Bloom’s “TOP 5 QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE YOU BUY“. So even if you do not choose Bloom today, we want you to have faith in your decision when purchasing a CBD product.

Yes, we do! Because what you put into your body is of the utmost importance. Some brands will state their hemp is “grown organically” or that they follow “organic processes.” However, without documentation, we have no way to know the facts. Unfortunately, even an organic farm license doesn’t tell the whole story because there is still so much that can happen between harvest and when the product arrives to you. Here at Bloom Hemp, we feel that transparency is the best method & we are happy to show all documentation that states our individual, organic products are truly certified USDA organic.

At Bloom, we provide testing not only on our finished goods but our entire process, “From Farm to Table” or as we like to say “From Bud to Bloom.” Something to note, there are little to no quality controls in place within this industry and thus no need to expose it. This allows other brands to test once (or not at all) without recourse. At Bloom, we provide full transparency. In fact, we test our seeds, hemp in the field, after all extractions , the final products multiple time and we have all the documents to prove it! You just have to ask and we will gladly provide!

Since most companies don’t run stability testing on their products, how do you know that the product you are taking is still potent and effective? Throughout our experience, different forms of CBD and different brands have variance in their stability. Meaning the CBD in a given product will begin to deteriorate over time. We test our products at specific markers to ensure their potency holds up for the duration of the Best By date.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) are common certificates used in the food and nutraceutical industry to confirm that a lab or manufacturing facility is following appropriate protocols. While not required, choosing a product that has not been made in a facility with these certificates is like seeing a “doctor” without a medical license; proceed at your own risk. All of Bloom’s products are manufactured in both a GMP and ISO facility to ensure quality standards are being maintained and upheld.

We strive to keep it simple when it comes to our ingredients. However, it’s not to say that adding other elements is bad, but it is essential to understand its purpose. In other words, if you don’t know what it is or why it is used in the formulation, you shouldn’t be afraid to contact the brand and ask. Don’t be scared to reach out with any questions about our products. You can find a detailed breakdown of all our ingredients on every product page.