Thomas Schnakenberg is the founder and CEO of Bloom Hemp. Originally from Texas, Thomas moved to Colorado in pursuit of his passion as an entrepreneur.

Before the Farm Bill’s passing, Thomas worked in hemp and became passionate about the endless possibilities that hemp presents. Thomas started Bloom with a vision to go beyond the norm and show the world the potential of ALL things hemp. From textiles to foods and everything in between, Thomas believes in a world that runs on hemp. Starting Bloom is just the first step of the journey to get there.

As a father, Thomas understands the importance of making our planet a better place for the next generation. To him, hemp is more than a plant; it’s our future.


Chief Operating Officer

Graham Magee is Bloom’s Chief Operating Officer, and he also happens to be our resident Canadian. Graham has over 10 years of experience in the hemp industry and is as knowledgeable as anyone when it comes to plants.  We have relied on Graham’s vast experience to help us move bloom forward and go beyond CBD to provide you with ALL things hemp.

Most importantly, Graham believes that hemp isn’t alone in the potential category. Graham is an advocate for the plant-based movement and sees all plants as tools that the world has given us to thrive with.  With a firm belief in a healthier future powered by plants, Graham is more than a member of our team. He’s one of the driving forces helping us make an impact that lasts beyond tomorrow.

Dr. Sunil Pai, MD.

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Sunil Pai is Bloom Hemp’s, Chief Medical Officer. As our CMO, Dr. Pai plays a critical role in all of our products’ research and formulation.

Dr. Pai’s extensive background in natural and western medicine makes him one of the most qualified medical experts working in hemp. His wisdom pairs perfectly with our ambition, helping us set the standard for the entire industry.

Dr. Sunil Pai’s knowledge and understanding of hemp is the foundation for everything we do here at Bloom.


director of marketing

Zach Zerr is Bloom’s director of marketing and is responsible for all of our creative projects and helping make bloom what it is today.

Growing up abroad, Zach developed a passion for hemp. Seeing this plant’s popularity and usefulness reach beyond borders inspired a drive to make hemp available to everyone of all backgrounds. Zach believes hemp is the key to humanity’s future, and his creativity helps bring our visions to life.

Zach’s love of plants and the outdoors is only highlighted by his gardening projects. Most of what you’ll find in our products was grown and tested originally by our team hippy.



sales & resident pet expert

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Rachel has always possessed a sincere love of animals as well as a deep interest in holistic healing and nutrition. After moving to San Diego, Rachel quickly jumped at the opportunity to combine those interests began working at a holistic pet supply store.

Rachel dedicated her time to learning about holistic pet nutrition. She witnessed first-hand the incredible benefits of our products, as Poppy Willow’s Large Breed oil significantly improved her geriatric dog’s life by making her more mobile and lively in the last year of her life.

Excited about the potential and the mission, Rachel joined the Bloom and Poppy Willow team with belief in the products and in hopes of improving more lives – furry or otherwise.


hemp expert

Elizabeth Qualizza has been a part of the Bloom team since the beginning. Her understanding of wellness and knowledge of hemp are the building blocks that shaped Bloom into who we are today.

As an advocate for healthy living and wellness warriors everywhere, she immediately became an ambassador for the plant upon discovering hemp. When it comes to natural wellness, Elizabeth saw that the benefits of hemp offer unmatched potential.

Her love for education has helped her in teaching people about the benefits of this extraordinary plant. Liz’s passion for hemp drives Bloom to continue to go beyond CBD and offer you EVERYTHING this amazing plant has to offer.