How To Use CBG: Everything You Need To Know About Cannabigerol

Team Bloom 25 Sep 2020 5 MIN READ

What is CBG?

Just like CBD, CBG is a cannabinoid found in hemp. CBG is sometimes referred to as the mother of all cannabinoids because it is the parent molecule for THC and CBD. As the precursor to revolutionary cannabinoids like CBD, it makes sense that cannabigerol is held in such reverence.

Although it is the parent molecule for most cannabinoids, pure CBG is naturally found in small concentrations that make up less than one percent of the hemp plant. Due to an inherent lack of availability, it wasn’t until recently that researchers began to study cannabigerol more diligently. With farmers focusing on genetics that are CBG-rich, we are beginning to see new hemp cultivars become available that make this cannabinoid much more accessible. Preliminary studies show that the CBG cannabinoid might be part of the solution to a variety of modern conditions that plague our lives.

CBG Isolate

5 Things You Need to Know About CBG

  • “Parent Molecule”
  • Non-Intoxicating
  • Strong Anti-Anxiety Effect
  • Powerful Anti-Biotic (attacks traditionally anti-biotic resistant bacteria)
  • Studies Show CBG May Attack Cancer Cells


When it comes to CBG vs CBD, there are plenty of differences. Still, we should start by understanding how these two rare cannabinoids are similar. Like CBD, CBG is also a potent anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is the root cause of a broad spectrum of modern ailments, and like CBD, CBG is a natural answer to this problem, which many of us struggle with. 

CBG Isolate

CBG, like CBD, is also non-intoxicating, which is ideal for anyone looking for these natural benefits without a “high.” However, there are also a few apparent differences between CBG vs CBD products. 

When researching CBG products, you may notice several articles that reference CBG as an aid for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Crohn’s Disease, and Colitis. All these issues are linked to inflammation in the intestines and colon. This is where the most significant difference between CBG and CBD lies. Unlike CBD, the benefits of CBG are focused mainly in the gut. CBG works at a deeper level to support our bodies. At the same time, it fights off several ailments that are traditionally resistant to most medicines.

While many believe that CBD is good for anxiety, CBG is actually the compound that has a much more direct impact on stress. Many researchers believe that the connection between our guts and our minds is much more impactful on our mood and wellbeing than previously thought. This may explain why CBG has a more dynamic impact on anxiety than CBD. 

Research suggests that CBG plays a pivotal role in preventing and fighting off a variety of pressing issues, including certain diseases. While CBG targets specific problems, CBD appears to have more of an influence on regulating our bodies to help maintain homeostasis, reduce inflammation, and enhance the impact of other cannabinoids.

What are the Benefits of CBG?

Similar to CBD, CBG is a non-intoxicating chemical compound, which is ideal for those looking to utilize the benefits of CBG without the traditional risks associated with cannabis. Unlike CBD, research shows that CBG has fewer general effects and more of an impact on targeted areas such as our guts and our brains. 

The benefits of CBG are headlined by this cannabinoid’s phenomenal anti-inflammatory effects. Still, studies continue to link CBG to other anti-bacterial, mood, and gut benefits. CBG makes a profound difference for those who struggle with anxiety. Testimonials and studies continue to build the case for CBG as a natural way to develop a healthy stress response without the psychoactive effect of marijuana. 

Top 5 Benefits of CBG

However, above everything else, CBG is quickly gaining notoriety for its anti-bacterial potential. Research continues to show how CBG may work in situations where traditional anti-biotics fail. This link to anti-bacterial benefits is why CBG soaps are beginning to pop up all over the United States.

Like most parts of the hemp plant, more research is still required, but the growing list of potential CBG benefits is something worth being excited about.

CBG Benefits & What Science Says

However, there seems to be something else with CBG levels that may explain why it is useful when treating IBS, Crohns, or Colitis. A recent study showed that CBG also had anti-bacterial activity against the drug-resistant bacteria MRSA. What is most notable in this study was the fact that CBG seemed to differentiate between MRSA bacteria and the many other types of useful or positive bacterias in our body. 

In this instance, CBG “attacked” specific proteins within the MRSA bacteria responsible for the bacteria’s spread and growth. By eliminating the growth and spread of MRSA bacteria, the body can better fight off the bacteria on it’s own. This brings the body back to homeostasis. It is no surprise that the Endocannabinoid system’s primary goal is to achieve homeostasis.

CBG Isolate

Just like CBD and CBN isolate, CBG isolate is CBG in its most pure form. CBG isolate is perfect for those looking to utilize the benefits of cannabigerol by itself or create CBG infused edibles. 

The best way to use CBG isolate is to take it straight or infuse it with a carrier oil to create a CBG oil tincture. To use CBG isolate by itself, simply place the desired dose under your tongue and hold for about a minute before chasing any leftover sediment with water. 

Making your own CBG oil tincture is easier than you’d expect and a great way to develop a recipe that works best for you. Some are finding ways to infuse CBG isolate with soap so that they can take full advantage of CBG’s anti-bacterial benefits. 

How to Make CBG Oil

While CBG oil remains expensive, CBG isolate is more affordable and is easy to infuse with a carrier oil. Use the double boiling method to infuse CBG with a carrier oil of your choice. 

Once your double boiler is set up and the water is boiling, stir the CBG isolate into the carrier oil until it is no longer visible. With your CBG isolate blended with a carrier oil, it is now ready to use as a tincture or infuse with any of your favorite recipes.

Where to find CBG Products

There is still plenty of research to be done on the neuroprotective effects of different CBG levels, but the initial studies show plenty of promise. While it can still be challenging to find CBG online, at Bloom, we’re making it easier by always making it available on our website.  

We also use CBG in our Bloom Essentials Digestive and Pain Relief tinctures. However, to make the CBG in these tinctures work to the best of its ability, we also include CBD oil, other minor rare cannabinoids, and specific terpene profiles to trigger an entourage effect and to target the main goals of each tincture. 

In addition to CBG in the Bloom Essentials line, we also have CBG isolate available for users who are fond of creating their own therapeutic blends and who wish to use CBG as an ingredient in their home-based remedies.

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