How to Infuse CBD – A complete Guide to the Double Boiling Method

Team Bloom 29 Mar 2020 5 MIN READ

Making your own CBD tinctures, recipes, and topicals is easier than you think. Learning how to use the double boiling method to infuse CBD isolate with a carrier oil will allow you to make many CBD products that most people are overpaying for.

What is the Double Boiling Method

The double boiling method is a cooking technique using controlled heat to melt or blend foods such as chocolate and MCT oil.  The basic idea behind the double boiling method is to use a gentle heat that works at a slower pace to truly perfect whatever you’re cooking.  Five classic uses for the double boiling method are:

The Double Boiling Method

How to Make a Double Boiler at Home

Creating a make-shift double boiler is quick, and easier than you might think!  All you need are two boiling pots – one large pot for the water and a second smaller pot for the ingredients. If you don’t have two boiling pots using oven-proof pyrex will also work for your ingredients dish. Fill the larger pot about full with water. Place the secondary pot inside of the larger pot (be sure that the pot sits above the water – you don’t want the boiling water touching the smaller pot, just creating heat for the ingredients above.   Once the larger pot comes to a gentle boil/simmer put the ingredients in the smaller pot and cook according to your recipe.

The Double Boiling Method Infographic
An infographic breaking down the basic steps to infusing CBD isolate with a carrier oil using the double boiling method.

How to use CBD Isolate – The Double Boiling Method

People often wonder how to use CBD isolate. While there are different uses for CBD isolate, the most common use is infusion. The Double Boiling Method is what allows us to seamlessly infuse CBD isolate with MCT oil or any other carrier oil. The reason we use the double boiling method for this process is heat control. If the temperature gets too hot, you will burn off the CBD isolate you are trying to use. Using the steps above for the double boiling method, we’ll show you how to infuse CBD isolate with coconut MCT oil.

Note: CBD’s estimated boiling point is between 160-180°C, while THC is listed at 157°C. To be safe, we recommend that you keep the temperature around 150°C or lower to ensure that you don’t lose any CBD.

What you’ll need:

  • MCT Oil (base oil) (1-2 ounces depending on what you are doing)
  • 1 Gram pure CBD Isolate
  • Double Boiling Set up

How to infuse CBD Isolate with the double boiling method

  1. Set up the pots and bring water to a simmer/low boil
  2. Add the second pot
  3. Add in MCT oil. (Generally 1 ounce for food recipes – 2 ounces of MCT oil if you’re making your own tincture)
  4. Add CBD Isolate
  5. Stir CBD Isolate with MCT oil until liquid is completely clear (5-10 minutes)

(Remember to keep the heat at medium as to not have the water jumping and overheating the top pot.) Once the CBD Isolate is infused with the MCT oil turn off your stove and pour your infused MCT oil into a container or bowl.

If you are infusing CBD isolate with butter, cube the butter and place it in a mason jar. Then, put the mason jar in the water (make sure that there is enough space between the water and the top of the mason jar so that water doesn’t get inside) and heat on low (up to 150°F). Once the butter is melted, add your CBD isolate and stir until the isolate is completely infused. Once infused, your CBD butter is ready to use or store as you prefer. Keep in mind that CBD can vaporize and lose potency if overheated. So, when baking with CBD, keep your oven below 350°F just to be safe.

CBD and Food

Now, with CBD-infused MCT oil in hand, you’re ready to turn your favorite recipes into CBD-infused masterpieces.  Any recipes that call for olive oil or vegetable oil can use CBD-infused MCT oil as a substitute. Not only will you enjoy all the benefits of CBD – but you’ll also enjoy all the benefits of MCT oil.

Use the double boiling method to infuse CBD isolate with olive oil
Use the double boiling method to infuse CBD isolate with olive oil and make CBD pesto!

What are the benefits of MCT Oil?

  • Brain Booster – MCT oil provides energy for your brain
  • Contains Essential Fatty Acids
  • Reduces the Risk of Disease

Whether you’re trying to enjoy a relaxing kick with your favorite guilty pleasure or looking to add a beneficial boost to your healthy diet CBD infused MCT oil will do the trick.

Not sure where to start?

As you can see, even if you did not know how to use CBD isolate before – the possibilities are endless.

Where to find CBD Isolate online

Pure CBD Isolate powder is difficult to find these days. At Bloom, one of our goals is to empower our community through all things hemp. To achieve that goal we believe it is necessary that we provide you with the resources. By offering raw materials such as pure CBD isolate, we put the power in your hands to create the CBD products you prefer. Instead of charging a ridiculous mark-up on our excellent CBD guacamole mix – we teach you how to make it yourself. We take pride in educating our community on how to make healthy CBD-infused smoothies and all the other ways you can use CBD isolate.  If you’re reading this blog post, we consider you a part of our community. As part of our community, you can always count on us to have CBD isolate for sale.  For more information on CBD isolate check out our How to Use CBD isolate guide, as well as does CBD isolate contain THC? Not sure where to buy CBD isolate online? We’ve got you covered! Keep scrolling to see all of our hemp concentrates.

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