How Do I Use Hemp Hearts?

Team Bloom 19 Nov 2020 5 MIN READ

The hemp plant is more than CBD. In fact, hemp may be the future of nutrition. As we learn more about the benefits of hemp hearts, eating more hemp feels like a no-brainer. With all the nutritional value packed into these little seeds, who wouldn’t want to use hemp hearts? Despite all of the hype, one of the most common questions we continue to get is, “how do I use hemp hearts?” As basic as hulled hemp seeds might appear, using them isn’t always as straightforward as you’d think. When it comes to how to use hemp hearts, just think about the ways that people use chia and flax seeds because hemp hearts are quite similar. 

However, what separates this ingredient from chia seed, flaxseed, and even quinoa, is that sprouted hemp hearts are packed with more nutritional value in every bite. Before we dive into how to use hemp hearts, let’s better understand what hemp hearts are. 

how to use hemp hearts in your diet
The Benefits of Sprouted Hemp Seeds are truly incredible.

Hemp Hearts vs. Hemp Seeds – What’s the Difference?

Hemp hearts are hulled hemp seeds. The only difference between the two is that hemp hearts no longer have the hemp seed’s shell. Removing the hemp seed shell makes it easier for your body to absorb all of the health benefits of hemp hearts. 

Hemp seeds are precisely what their name says they are – the seed of the hemp plant. While nearly everyone is familiar with CBD’s benefits, very few people realize that you can eat hemp too! The seeds of the hemp plant are protein-packed and are an ideal cornerstone of any healthy diet. Removing the hemp seed shell, leaving only the hemp heart, is the best hemp hearts use because all of the vitamins, minerals, essential fats and proteins are more bioavailable. Increasing the bioavailability of the hemp heart allows your body to get more out of every bite. 

Hemp Hearts Use – The Benefits

The primary hemp hearts use is cooking, mainly because it is the best way to enjoy all of the nutritional value of hemp seeds. The list of benefits associated with hemp foods is impressive. From anti-inflammatory effects to enhanced immune health, these little seeds have the potential to make a life-changing impact. 

Hemp Hearts are one of the only natural sources of complete plant based protein and are a great source of essential fatty acids. This combination of nutrients alone puts hemp on a nutritional pedestal; however, when you factor in the rich vitamin and mineral content of hemp, nothing else comes close in comparison. Knowing the nutritional value of hemp hearts makes adding them to your favorite meals a no-brainer. Whether you are thinking about making hemp foods or anything else, hemp hearts are a great addition. So, let’s dive into how to use hemp hearts in cooking. 

How to Use Hemp Hearts in Cooking

We get it. Everyone wants to know, “How do I use hemp hearts?” The short answer is – however you want, but when it comes to how to use hemp hearts in cooking, we have a few ideas that you may want to try.  

  1. Chicken and Hemp Hearts

Did you know that you can use hemp hearts to bread chicken and season fish? Add a bit of deliciously natural nutty flavor and more nutrition to every serving when you use hemp hearts to bread your chicken. This is one of our favorite hemp hearts use, and when paired with a CBD infused sauce, you really can’t go wrong here.

  1. Smoothie with Hemp Hearts

Superfood smoothies are easy and quick to make, packed with healthy boosts, and taste great too! Take your smoothies to the next level by adding shelled hemp seed. Whenever you are wondering, “how do I use hemp hearts?” A superfood smoothie should always be the answer. Get more out of your smoothies by adding these delicious, protein-packed, nutrient-rich hemp hearts. 

Add more hemp and take your superfood smoothie to the next level by infusing it with CBD! 

  1. Hemp for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so start your day off right with hemp! Add hemp hearts to your toast, cereal, overnight oats, or yogurt to give yourself a nice healthy boost. There is no better way to start your day than to start it with hemp. 

  1. Hemp Makes Better Salads

Get the most out of your salads by adding the best plant-based protein available – hemp hearts. Hemp hearts are a perfect addition to every salad. 

  1. Seasonal Health Boost

Hemp seeds are a light addition to any meal, making them the perfect ingredient in most soups. With winter just around the corner, keeping your immune system firing on all cylinders is essential. Adding healthy hemp hearts to a warm soup on a cold day is a sure way to stay feeling your best. 

How to Use Hemp Hearts in Cooking – The Best Recipe

how to use hemp hearts in smoothies

Of all the different hemp hearts use, the overwhelming favorite is easily smoothies. Like flax seed and chia seed, hemp hearts are a great garnish. But, you can also make them a featured piece by blending them in with the rest of your ingredients. Hemp hearts provide a powerful plant-based protein boost to any smoothie recipe. Although hemp hearts have a slightly nutty flavor, the taste is very mild, allowing them to blend seamlessly with just about everything. 

One of our favorite hemp hearts recipes is our Berries of the Tropics smoothie recipe. This recipe is a great way to use hemp hearts and perfect for anyone looking to eat healthier. 

All You’ll Need Is:

  • Hemp Hearts (1/4 cup)
  • Strawberries (1 cup)
  • Raspberries (1 & ½ cup)
  • Pineapple (1 & 1  ½ cup)
  • Mango (1 diced)
  • Banana ( 1 sliced)
  • Juice of One Lime
  • CBD (infuse if desired

Blend all ingredients and garnish with additional hemp hearts as desired. 

Using Hemp Hearts – The Right Way

When it comes to how to use hemp hearts, there really isn’t one right way, but the key is consistency. Hemp is good for you, but hemp should be a regular part of your diet to get the most out of it. As it turns out, hemp isn’t just good for YOU. As an eco-friendly and sustainable protein resource, hemp foods can be good for the whole world. That’s why, at Bloom, we believe that everyone should EAT MORE HEMP.

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