How is CBD lotion made?

Team Bloom 10 Apr 2020 3 MIN READ

Plenty of people are on the lookout for natural skincare options these days. This is important, afterall, since our skin is the biggest organ that we have. It is responsible for keeping out harmful bacteria and provides us with the ability to sense any changes in temperature and experience the sensation of touch. With more and more hemp based products showing up in the market everyday, it is only logical to add the benefits of hemp to topicals.

There are plenty of CBD lotions and salves out there but you do not need to spend a lot of money to get these, in fact, you can make your own CBD lotion and other CBD infused topicals at home with some preparation.

Uses of CBD Topicals

how is CBD lotion made

CBD topicals are used for a number of reasons but mostly because of their antioxidant nature and soothing properties. They can help with different aging factors, however, it should be kept in mind that there are two main types of skin aging. Intrinsic aging of the skin cannot be prevented since it happens with age and the skin naturally becomes soft and loses its elasticity. Extrinsic aging is caused by external factors such as pollution which can cause damage to the skin in the long run.

Extrinsic aging can easily be prevented if you are following a skincare routine and adding hemp based topicals to this routine can help a lot.

How to Make CBD Lotion at Home

One of the key ingredients that you will need to make CBD lotion at home is a high quality CBD oil. Make sure that you do not skip on the quality of CBD oil to save a few dollars as that greatly affects the benefits you will get from the topical. Here at Bloom, we offer some of the highest quality CBD oil available. Here are the ingredients you will need,

  • CBD Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Beeswax

In order to create the hemp body lotion, first melt the coconut oil on low heat. Once that is done, add the CBD oil depending on your requirement. Take a separate pot and add about two inches of beeswax for melting. Once the beeswax has properly melted, add the mixture we had created earlier and stir until there are no clumps. Cool the mixture and your lotion is now ready. If you feel like the consistency is too thin for your liking, you can simply add more beeswax.

You can also experiment with how to make CBD lotion by adding some scents like peppermint oil or lavender oil, both of which come with their own set of benefits. We suggest preparing different batches of the lotion with different scents that you can use throughout the day.

Bloom’s Hemp-Based Products

Whether you are looking to buy quality hemp products or wish to create your own CBD infused topicals, Bloom has you covered. We offer the best CBD isolate and hemp products made from only the purest hemp extract. We are USDA certified organic and everything that you can buy from our website is THC compliant.

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