Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil

Team Bloom 02 Apr 2020 3 MIN READ

Hemp seed oil vs CBD oil – what’s the difference? With hemp legal in all fifty states and CBD oil seemingly everywhere these days, you’d think that everything would be fairly straightforward. Despite its prevalence, when it comes to CBD things can get pretty confusing. It’s not all your fault either, especially when it comes to terms like hemp seed oil vs CBD oil. CBD comes from hemp, so what’s the difference?

While CBD does come from hemp, the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD is vast. While hemp oil is rich in phytocannabinoids including CBD, hemp SEED oil doesn’t contain any CBD. By the end of this post you’ll understand hemp seed oil vs CBD and know exactly what to look for when shopping for CBD.

How Are They Made?

Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are prepared using different parts of the hemp plant. CBD oil is extracted from the leaves, flowers, or stalk of the plant whereas hemp seed oil is extracted from, you guessed it, the actual hemp seeds. Usually, the best way to figure out which oil you are buying is by looking at the list of ingredients listed on the packaging.

Most companies who sell CBD oil make it clear that the products will always have cannabidiol or CBD as an ingredient. Hemp seed oil which is extracted purely from hemp seeds is extracted through the process of cold pressing and does not contain any cannabinoids inside it.

Using Hemp Seed oil vs CBD Oil

When it comes to hemp seed oil vs CBD the biggest difference is how they are used. CBD triggers various biological responses that help you maintain homeostasis. From helping reduce inflammation to supporting a calmer mind, the benefits of CBD hemp oil extract are life changing. It can be found in a number of different forms but mostly as tinctures, topicals or capsules. There can be full-spectrum oils that contain all of the compounds present inside the hemp plant or broad-spectrum oils which contain everything else except for THC. It entirely depends on the consumer and their requirements.

On the other hand, hemp oil extracted from the seeds is used extensively in food. While it does not contain any cannabinoids, it is rich in different nutrients, especially protein, omega fatty acids, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Because of this, the oil extensively used in numerous cosmetic items such as hemp lotions or conditioners.

So, hemp seed oil vs CBD, which are you choosing?

Both of these products are used for different reasons and because of that, it all depends on the sort of results you are looking to achieve. If you are looking for wellness results that correlate to CBD, then you want to check out the label or supplement facts portion on the product you are planning to buy to make sure it is CBD oil and not hemp seed oil. Also, most hemp seed oils have price point that is much lower than CBD oil

Hemp seed oil lacks all cannabinoids but has multiple industrial uses. Hemp seed oil is often found in topicals and hair products because of the nourishing qualities it exhibits. Also, hemp seed oil can be found in most grocery stores alongside olive oil, peanut oil, and other cooking or food oils.
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