Hemp Hearts vs Hemp Seeds

Team Bloom 10 Apr 2020 2 MIN READ

Hemp is good for you and there is no doubt that you should eat more hemp. There is no doubt that you should eat more hemp because most of us aren’t getting enough. While it may sound funny at first, once you understand the benefits of sprouted hemp hearts and the difference between hemp hearts vs hemp seeds you’ll know why eating hemp is so important.

Hemp is a superfood and one of the only natural plant-based sources of complete protein. Hemp seeds, whole or hulled, both contain all types of nutrients and proteins that make up the foundation of a healthy diet. Loaded with essential fatty acids, natural minerals, and proteins it shouldn’t be a surprise that hemp seeds are worth adding to your diet.

When it comes to hemp hearts vs hemp seeds the terms are used interchangeably, however, there a few key differences we’ll break down below.

hemp hearts vs hemp seeds which are better?

Hemp Seeds

The term hemp seed is used to refer to the seeds of a hemp plant. These have a hard shell on the exterior and a soft interior, similar to sunflower seeds. Hemp seeds can be a crunchy snack when you’re hungry, however, the hard exterior makes it difficult for hemp seeds to be used in different recipes. Most people prefer to just consume the soft and chewy stuff inside of the seeds which is where hemp hearts come in. Hemp seeds do provide more fiber than hemp hearts. The shell of the hemp seed can aid digestion.

Hemp Hearts

For a simple definition, hemp hearts are the soft insides of hemp seeds. They have a nutty flavor that is comparable to sunflower seeds and thus can be consumed raw. In fact, there are plenty of recipes online and some that we have listed as well. They can be easily added to meals, smoothies, and even desserts.

People who are following specific diets such as keto or paleo can easily make use of hemp hearts, making them a part of their diet and benefiting from the nutrition they offer.

Which One Should You Pick?

There is some debate on which one offers more nutritional value. On one hand, shelled hemp seeds are a great source of fiber, however, not everybody will be comfortable consuming them. On the other hand, the nutrients found in hulled hemp seeds are more bioavailable. Hemp hearts can also be added to a number of recipes and are easier to consume than shelled seeds.

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