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Sprouted Hemp Hearts - Original

We are putting our favorite plants in your hands! Hemp hearts are a cornerstone ingredient for a successful plant-based diet. Delivering unrivaled nutrition while maintaining a sustainable approach - our hemp hearts are one of the most eco-friendly sources of plant based protein available. High in essential omega fatty acids, fiber, and protein, hemp hearts provide the building blocks for a healthy lifestyle. 


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Sprouted Hemp Hearts - Original

Organic Hemp Hearts

Here at Bloom Hemp, we are passionate in our pursuit of better nutrition which is why our organic hemp hearts can be a great addition to your meals. Offering almost 40 percent more in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids than flax seeds, hemp hearts are also a good option for those looking to lead a keto lifestyle. 

Raw Hemp Hearts

Our hemp hearts are ready to be consumed straight out of the bag. However, most people prefer them as an additive to smoothies or salads. 

About our Ingredients


How to Use

You can add it as a topping on your salad, yogurt, or any other food or just enjoy it as is by the handful.


The Bloom Difference – Backed by Science

All of Bloom’s products are certified 3rd party lab tested. Each and every product sold by Bloom undergoes testing from seed to final sale.


Consult your physician before taking new dietary supplements.

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Bloom Hemp is a true co-op of friends and family looking to build a life for themselves by creating the best possible products for our consumers. That is why we created a vertically integrated process, the Bloom Method as we call it, in order to provide our customers with the highest quality products with the most transparent methodologies and processes available in the hemp CBD industry. We are one of the first companies in this space to provide our customers with certified USDA organic products and we won't stop there. We are constantly researching and developing new products with our customers wellbeing at the center of our efforts. Because we don't have to show soaring profits to appease investors or pay exorbitant salaries to C level executives, we can provide our products at extremely competitive price points. When quality soars through the roof and pricing hits the floor, you win!