Why You Should Only Buy Hemp Products From Reputable Hemp Companies

Team Bloom 29 May 2020 4 MIN READ

The health and wellness world is all about trying hemp products these days. The hemp market is growing with new products everyday and whether it is food or bath bombs, you can find hemp and its associated compounds pretty much everywhere.

While all of this is great news, unfortunately, some people are taking advantage of this hype to sell low quality products, especially by selling them online. These not only damage the reputation of the industry as a whole but can also leave you with a bad experience. This is why it is important to do some research and buy products only from reputable brands such as Bloom Hemp. In this article we will discuss how getting a low quality hemp product can be bad for you and the steps that you can take to ensure that you are buying only the best products.

Why Is Buying Low Quality Bad?

There are plenty of amazing hemp based wellness products out there. However, despite all of the hype, these products are still quite new. There are many who look to create a quick buck and sell subpar products. A study carried out in 2017 by the American Medical Association found out that around 26 percent of the CBD products that they tested had less CBD per mL than advertised. This means that consuming any of those products would not give you the same type of benefits that you would expect from a full serving of CBD..

Another experiment conducted by NBC New York found that some of the CBD products purchased either did not contain CBD at all or had traces of pesticides and lead. While all of this can seem scary, you can avoid these products by taking some precautionary steps before making a purchase. Here are some of the steps that you can take to ensure that you are getting the best product for your money.

Trust Your Instincts

As with anything else, the first thing that you should always do is trust your instincts. In most cases, your gut feeling is correct. If something is off or a product seems too good to be true then it usually is.

While not allowed by the FDA, some sellers can also make ridiculous medical claims to attract buyers. It is also a good practice to check prices online for a particular product to get an idea of the cost comparison. This will help you avoid buying products that are unnecessarily overpriced.

Do Some Brand Research

If you plan on buying from a particular brand, it is always a good idea to carry out some research on your own. Reputable brands will put effort into maintaining a good online presence and will answer any questions you have. You can reach out to them and ask for ingredients if they are not already listed and ask questions about testing procedures.

You should also check public forums and websites like Reddit as people often have discussions about hemp products and brands. If there are any negative reviews about a brand, they will show up.

Always Check The Ingredients

Before buying a product, you should always check the list of ingredients. You need to make sure that whatever you are buying does not contain any harmful additives or chemicals. Low quality brands tend to make extracts by the use of solvents which are supposed to be removed at the end. However, inferior or faulty equipment can lead to these solvents being left behind.

As mentioned earlier, you can always reach out to a brand and ask them about their extraction process and the ingredients that they use.

Go For Organic

Whenever buying hemp products, try to go for organically sourced products. Only opt for those that are USDA certified organic such as the ones offered by us here at Bloom. Our team ensures that only the best organic hemp extract is used in our products.

By going organic, you will avoid any pesticides or fungicides that can be harmful for consumption.

Going With The Reputable Brand

Once you have completed your research and are confident about the product, you can buy it. Reputable brands such as Bloom Hemp always put the customer first and do not compromise on quality. They make sure that industry standards are followed through every step and that the end product is pure.

We offer a range of different hemp products, from isolates to tinctures, without any compromise on quality. You can also check out our blog for more information related to different hemp compounds and products.

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