Bloom Hemp Athlete Profile 001: Kenan Jackson

Team Bloom 29 Mar 2020 2 MIN READ

How Athletes Are Using CBD

This athlete profile provides a quick glimpse into the way elite athletes like Kenan are using CBD to enhance their recovery. Recovery is an essential part of training for any sport. An effective recovery routine is what allows athletes at all levels to perform their best. CBD’s potential to mitigate inflammation is something athletes across the world taking notice of. Sports such as MMA allow athletes to use natural alternatives such as CBD to aid in their recovery. Many athletes view CBD and hemp products as a healthy alternative for pain compared to prescription pain killers which have long been a part of sports. Beyond the UFC, leagues like the NFL are doing their research into CBD and the potential benefits it might provide their athletes. Furthermore, players like Chris Long continue to speak openly about the benefits of CBD and cannabis. Similarly, players like David Irving continue to champion the benefits of taking a plant-based approach to healing. At the end of the day, more research still needs to be done but athletes are at the forefront of the CBD movement and continue to make a positive impact.

What is the Bloom Hemp Athlete Profile?

Finally, you may be wondering, what is an athlete profile. The Bloom Hemp athlete profile is our chance to sit down with elite athletes from different sports and find out what makes them tick. These interviews are also our chance to find out how the world’s greatest athletes are using CBD and how it helps them. We invite you to join us once a month as we talk to up and comers, pros, and a few people that live extraordinarily healthy lifestyles.

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