5 Benefits of Using Hemp Oil for Pain Relief

Team Bloom 05 Apr 2021 5 MIN READ

Did you know that one out of every five American’s suffers from some type of chronic pain? That’s an estimated 20% of the entire population! Or, over 50 million people, to be exact. If you’re reading this, chances are you or someone you know struggles with pain. Unfortunately, when it comes to treating pain, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. What’s worse, beyond the suffering associated with pain, these ailments’ byproducts can range from disability to addiction. That’s why it should come as no surprise that more and more people are turning to hemp oil for pain. While the trend is relatively new in the modern era, people have continued to use hemp for pain for thousands of years.

Hemp Oil for Pain – A Time-Honored Solution

In fact, if you turn to almost any page in history, using hemp oil for pain was much more than a trend. Using hemp as medicine was practically a consensus solution. From British royalty to the ancient Chinese, people across the world have used hemp medicines for many generations. If it weren’t for a very complicated history, people would never have quit turning to hemp oil for pain relief.

Although using CBD hemp oil for pain may seem relatively modern, the use of hemp medicines never truly declined, even during American prohibition. Dating back over 4,000 years, ancient Egyptian scrolls describe the use of hemp for pain relief. Even now, thousands of years later, hemp continues to be one of the best tools for dealing with all types of pain.

So, even if you never considered CBD hemp oil for pain relief, it is much more common than you’d expect, but why should you choose plants over pills?

Why Choose Hemp Oil for Pain Relief

Using hemp for pain comes with various benefits, from its effectiveness to the lack of adverse side effects. It quickly becomes apparent that hemp isn’t just good for pain. It’s good for you.

The best hemp oil for pain relief

Five Benefits of Using Hemp Oil For Pain Relief

  1. Hemp Oil is 100% Natural

CBD-rich hemp oil works with your body to help you fight pain and heal naturally.

2. No Negative Side Effects

Unlike most pain-killers, there are no negative side effects associated with hemp oil.

3. Long-Lasting

Hemp oil’s effects are long-lasting. So, you can get by with fewer doses than over-the-counter anti-inflammatories.

4. Non-Addictive

Unlike traditional pain-killers, using hemp oil for pain relief is not addictive.

5. Extra-Effective

Because CBD works with your body naturally, using hemp oil for pain is extra-effective.

How Hemp Helps

Most painful ailments are the result of some type of inflammation. Whether chronic or acute, inflammation is the root cause of a host of different issues. Most notably, an over-active inflammatory response generally results in some type of chronic pain, or worse!

There are two types of inflammation: acute inflammation, which is generally caused by some type of injury, and chronic inflammation, which is long-term inflammation. There are various culprits behind chronic inflammation, but whatever the cause is, this long-term inflammatory response is generally unhealthy.

Before recommending hemp for pain, most doctors suggest some type of anti-inflammatory to deal with chronic inflammation. Anti-inflammatories work to slow or stop all inflammation – good and bad. This is done by blocking the enzymes that trigger any type of inflammatory response altogether. However, in the process, they also cause damage to your gut and liver, along with a variety of other adverse side effects.

That’s what makes hemp oil for pain both effective AND safe! CBD-rich hemp oil triggers the release of naturally occurring endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids work to modulate inflammation and naturally reduce pain without the negative side effects.

What Are Endocannabinoids?

You’re probably thinking – “‘ Naturally occurring endocannabinoids,’ what are those?” While cannabinoids like CBD get all of the fame, hundreds of other cannabinoids are found in plants – and inside of us. That’s right, humans (and all other animals too) naturally have cannabinoids inside of us. These are known as endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids play a vital role in keeping us healthy, happy, and fully functioning.

Endocannabinoids have a variety of triggers, including hemp oil. The CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids found in hemp oil trigger the release of endocannabinoids within our bodies. These pre-existing cannabinoids go to work on a variety of tasks. These “tasks” include everything from maintaining our immune system to relieving pain.

How Endocannabinoids Reduce Pain

While most pain-killers work by blocking your body’s natural functions to cover up the pain, endocannabinoids go further without causing any harm. Instead of stopping your natural inflammatory response altogether, endocannabinoids regulate these functions. This means that over-active inflammatory responses are slowed, and your body can go to work healing itself. It is important to remember that not all inflammation is harmful, and creating balance allows your body to heal while reducing pain at the same time. Endocannabinoids help to cultivate this balance and provide your body with the natural tools that it needs to heal. 

Pain-Killers VS Hemp for Pain

Let’s dive into why you should choose plants over pills and hemp oil for pain for those still on the fence.

First off, hemp oil is safer than pain-killers. Synthetic pain-killers come with a host of side-effects, including the possibility of overdose and death. Hemp oil, and CBD specifically, have none of these side-effects. Even more importantly, unlike most pain-killers, hemp oil is not addictive.

While the opioid crisis continues to wreak havoc, using CBD hemp oil for pain presents a safe and non-addictive solution that people everywhere can take advantage of. 

The essentials recovery tincture is the best hemp oil for pain relief

Finding Hemp Oil for Pain Relief

If you or someone you know struggles with any type of chronic pain, you need to consider using hemp oil for pain relief. Whether you suffer from back pain, arthritis, or are still dealing with an old injury, using hemp for pain could change your life. Hemp oil and CBD are everywhere these days, so finding the right hemp oil for pain is critical.

That’s why we created the Bloom Essentials Recovery Tincture. The Bloom Essentials recovery tincture is the pinnacle of hemp oil for pain relief. This doctor-formulated blend is an all-natural mix of full-spectrum hemp oil, terpenes, and active plant ingredients that work together to reduce pain without any side effects.

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